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iOS 14.5 Configuration and your Facebook Campaigns

In March of 2021, Apple released a new update called iOS 14.5. This update allowed iOS users to have control over their data and how third party platforms would have access it. Since Facebook is privy to collect data from all of their users and use it for advertising purposes, this came as a really big shock to them.

At the time, I was working at a large agency running over 250 facebook paid ad campaigns. Most of my book of business were conversion campaigns with ecommerce clients, who took a huge hit after iOS 14.5 was released. In a matter of weeks, I found a solution and developed a step by step process on how configure campaigns to run successfully with the iOS 14.5 update.

Get Your Conversion Campaigns Ready for the iOS14.5 Update

With the new iOS14.5 update, Facebook conversion campaigns will need to be adjusted so it’s complaint. If these changes are not made before the update is released the campaigns will be paused for 72 hours. In order to prevent that from happening, complete the following:

    • Change Events to Aggregate Event Measurement
        • Purchases can’t be tracked completely

      • Setup either Checkout Success, Add to Carts, and/or Initiate Checkout

    2-Step Verification

    Before you begin

    Only Business Manager admins can turn on two-factor authentication.

    Turn on two-factor authentication

    Steps to turn on two-factor authentication:

    1. Go to Business Settings.
    2. Go to Business Info and click Edit.
    3. Below Two-Factor Authentication, choose Required for everyone or Required for Admins only. To turn off two-factor authentication, choose Not required.
    4. Click Save.

    After you turn on two-factor authentication, we need to remember your computer and browser info so we recognize it next time you log in. Some browser fe