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Web Development Services

Pretty to See, but Hard to Match

That’s what our design prototypes and user interfaces are mostly referred to as. Give your users a smooth gliding website experience like never before by creating an outstanding online presence. After all these years of being in the development business, we’ve decoded the hack for creating the smoothest websites that cater to functionality. But most importantly, we create responsive websites for varied screen types like tablets, mobile, and desktops.

Our web development and design tribe bring innovation and excellence to the table with a pinch of creativity to spice up your website. But let’s not forget the core utility of building a website in the first place. We provide custom web design services to craft utility-driven web pages with eye-pleasing media that level up your website game. Traffic can be attractive but it takes beauty to make users stay. We do both.

Website is the face of your business that tells a lot about the brand, let us makeover that face for you.

Our Web Development Services in Dallas, TX

As a full-fledged web development agency in Dallas, Texas, we focus on delivering end-to-end web development solutions specializing in conversion-driven websites. Our development process is anything but complex. Web development is a task but we’ve simplified that for our clients with these systems. 

Custom Web Design and Development 

Creating a website isn’t just about pretty graphics and typography. It needs to be well-structured and highly interactive to serve the purpose. We bring in our technical experts who are ace at developing websites on multiple CMS like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, and Headless CMSs to your rescue.

They’ve been developing and delivering high-end and responsive design solutions concerning specific business goals.

Our web design strategies are everything you need to dominate your space with high-performing websites. Whether your site requires a design makeover, new CMS installation, new plugins, or SEO configurations, you name it and we’ll do it all for you. Having regard to all of such technical aspects, we make sure one of the most important elements isn’t ignored and that’s user experience.

User Experience in Mind

It’s the end user for whom we’re building for and that needs to be satisfied at any cost. But not at the cost of functionality and your business goals. We abide by the user-first approach while creating any product and that’s what makes our products stand apart from the rest. Rather than just creating for the sake of it, we create for the audience and that shows in our increased conversion rates and client feedback.

We believe that if the user is at ease with our product, that’s a real victory. But such victory comes after a long-fought battle that precedes before getting a product online. Want to know how? Here’s our recipe for high conversion and user-friendly web development projects.

Have an idea but don't know how to get started?

You’re not alone in this. And initially, we were also dealing with similar dilemmas but not until we figured out our five-step approach to giving life to an idea. Spilling some beans here to convey how we do and what we do.

1. Kick-off strategy sketches

First things first, we try to get in our client’s shoes. After detailed and friendly discussions on the client’s needs, we draw a discovery sketch that makes things clear for both of us. During such strategy sessions, we make sure there remains no ambiguity about the project. Our most important task of ideation and strategizing ends here.

2. Design Mockups

Then comes design mockups where we give shapes and colors to the ideas generated at our first step. Herein we generate some design interfaces that resonate with the brand’s persona and value. This step of the process gives a personality to the project.

3. Code, Develop and Build

After finalizing on design, then comes the real work. Our coders come into action once the designs are finalized. Our development norms are simple, stable, and supportive to work with. We’ve got a team fully dedicated to the development arena because that’s the real competitive advantage in the product world.

4. Quality Assurance

Post development, it’s testing and assurance time. Our comprehensive quality test procedures ensure our products to function without any bugs. Here we make sure that all our custom themes and plugins for better website functionality and aesthetics are serving the ultimate purpose.

5. Launch and Maintenance

And lastly, it’s the launch. The most satisfying process, of course. Now our duly nurtured website is all set to enter the real world. Here, we help you to launch the website in a live environment to ensure its speed and performance. After the launch, we help with continuous maintenance of our products to cope with the fast pacing technological transitions. This will help you by having an up-to-date online presence with the latest trends.

Why Choose Us?

Not just any drag-and-drop builders, we brew fresh websites with one-on-one coding. Let’s make yours.

Our Experts love developing Custom Websites with every minute detail taken into consideration.

Website Fanatics

We are a team of website lovers who love creating vibrant websites at their leisure which makes us more observant of website development.

Consistent Project leaders

Our Project Leaders lead a project from ideation to launching and work as your extended team member. It makes it easy for both parties to build a rapport for working together seamlessly.

Personalized Support

Wherever you lag, you’ll have us for the rescue at any particular stage of website development from ideation to execution. We provide customized development solutions for required niches.

Quality Code

Pretty websites need to have robust code to function and we constantly keep a check on bugs to flow websites seamlessly, because the smoother the better.

 Unparalleled design integration

Be it a Desktop, mobile, or tablet, we provide consistent and unparalleled website design solutions for each mode so that your website can rock any layout.

One-stop solution

We are your go-to solution for anything related to development from Themes to Plugins and API Development. Our end product is a fully functional responsive website created from scratch.


Have questions? We’re here to help

Website cost depends upon the type of website, number of pages and other industry specific parameters. If you’d like to get a free quote for your website, feel free to reach out to us today.

Ekko Media Inc are experts in creating websites on several platforms and technologies ranging from React, Vue, HTML5/Bootstrap, etc. Feel free to reach out to us for a free quote today.

Ekko Media Inc are experts in developing and maintaining all kinds of websites built by us or even otherwise. Feel free to reach out to us for more details today.

It is important that the mobile version of a website is functioning as well as the desktop version which is why we make the UX designs and the web designs in a manner that they are mobile and user friendly.

The development of a website can take anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks based on the size and the nature of the website. 

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