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Revamp Your Brand with SEO

With ever-expanding SEO hype, it’s easier to get ranked but it takes efforts to remain ranked, that too on relevant parameters. And guess what, EKKO Media Inc, as a leading SEO Company in Dallas, TX is doing it continuously for our clients successfully.

Whether it’s ranking on Google, building backlinks, generating genuine leads, or doing local SEO services, we provide best in class Professional SEO services in Dallas, TX. Our experts thrive to build SEO-backed strategies with bang-on content to make both Google and readers fall in love with your brand.

Still, you doubt if an SEO consultant company can change your brand’s game? We need to have a word here to know more about its magic.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Whatever you see on the first page of Google while searching for a keyword is possible due to SEO

To cut to the chase, whatever you see on the first page of Google while searching for a keyword is made possible due to SEO. It’s a service that convinces the search engine about the quality of the content that you’ve posted and also about its authenticity. If you have an online business or presence, SEO matters the most as it can help your website’s SERP rankings to rank higher on search engines based on relevant keywords and LSIs. Since who’s on the top is all that matters, SEO tactics are more than a necessity for any website owner.

And who won’t like to get ranked anyway? Looking at the reputation and leads that it brings with it, one just can’t afford to neglect SEO if the business is online. 

How can SEO help your Business?

It might sound exaggerated, but no business can sustain itself without SEO. From getting noticed, bringing credibility, and resonating with your target audience, SEO caters to all your conversion needs. Gone are the days of just attracting traffic, more than that you need duly researched and freshly brewed content to make your visitors stay. SEO can solve this by using relevant keywords that can make the search engine recognize your website and soar high your brand presence

But how do Search Engines Work?

Search engines contain crawlers that scan and gather the content from your website. It compiles valuable data from the website based on the keywords used and the authenticity of the content. Later on, the search engine displays those data on the user’s screen on the basis of the search engine algorithms and the relevant criteria. The search engine collects the data from the scrawlers and creates an index of those webpages, from the most relevant ones to the least ones to display in that order. This way, the websites are ranked based on their content.

How Can we Help You with SEO?

We can help you get ahead in the ranking competition. With the cut-throat competition out there on search rankings, it’s crucial to stand apart. Ask us how.

As SEO consultants, we help you to unlock your brand’s potential with creative and out-of-the-box SEO strategies. We’re SEO wizards who’ve established their terror in multiple industries and domains when it comes to rankings and conversions. We believe it’s not just about the traffic and recognition but also the retention and conversion of the website that makes the difference. And we’ve made this difference possible for a range of clients in terms of organic traffic growth and brand awareness along with high conversion rates.

All you need is a dedicated SEO campaign and an utterly dedicated SEO team like that of us to execute it perfectly. Done right, SEO has the power to turn a newly formed company into an established and reputed brand.

Why Choose Us?

6 reasons why we’ll be the right team for you and your business.

We've been performing professional SEO services for a range of websites and have helped them climb up the search engine ladder by:

In-Depth Keyword Research
We dig into what exactly users are finding on the internet and extract the most reliable and widely used Keywords with high Search Volume to make sure you rank among the best.
Competitor Analysis

SEO is all about getting ahead of the competition and that mandates keeping a regular check on them to surpass their strategy and rank higher for the keywords that drive traffic.

Content Strategy

With detailed wireframes and SEO recommended content strategy, we make sure that our client’s rank above their competitors and make sure they stay there.

Technical SEO

It’s the algorithm that we need to win after all and we rely on extensive technical audits to make sure the website performs at its full potential.

Off-Page Activities

Apart from taking care of Onn-Page Activities, we also ensure your brand visibility increases with consistent and quality link building activities.

Analysis & Reporting

We use the best and well acclaimed tools to track and analyse data and Google Data Studio to translate complex numbers to valuable insights.

Honestly, all we know is marketing and SEO and the conversions follow.​


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Cost per click reduced


Cost per click reduced


Cost per click reduced